About Us

The volunteeers of the Manasquan Recreation Commission are dedicated to providing the young at heart with quality programs and actviites at an affordable price.  For decades, recreation volunteers have done their part to ensure that Manasquan is and will be a desireable community to live in and visit.  We will continue to serve our community the best that we can.


of Recreation & Beach        Eric Ertle

Director                            Steve Antonucci                                                Council Liaison                Jeff Lee


Chairperson                       Mark Liggett                                                    Mayor's Representative    Rob Wells

Vice Chairperson                Bill McManus                                                   Alternate #1                    Andrew Manser Jr.


Secretary                          Tracey Antonucci                                             Alternate #2                    Jacyln Ewing


Treasurer                          Geoff Brown


Member                            Courtney Tuite


Member                            Michael Condon


Member                            Jennifer Toole